Geopolitical Risks: Eurasia Group's Top Three Threats

Nov. 11 -- Ian Bremmer, president and founder at Eurasia Group, talks with David Westin about what he sees as the largest geopolitical threats to the global economy. He speaks on "Bloomberg ‹GO›."
  • Adele Zierler

    Ian Bremmer really is  one of the best forecaster in the world in my book. His research is the best, and the understanding of the people of various religions, economics, and mindsets he has. I always enjoy his comments, and take them very seriously. And makes me thinking. He explains very well each time watching  him.

  • 3dsman

    Very well informed guy. Agree with him or not you have to acknowledge he's well versed on these topics.

  • David Smith

    Of course, USA always dreams of BRICS, Silk Road, Eurasia breaking apart.

  • Alex P.

    Ian your Geopolitics Risk Assessment business is a total dud haha, time to pack up buddy.

  • Leon Mertens

    Hi how's it going? Great Job! stale vigorous !

  • Alex P.

    Hey how come Eurasia Group didn't see this migrant crisis coming? Bremmer needs to spend less time sucking cock on wall street; and more time paying attention to movement in geopolitics...

  • butterfflyess

    finally talking as it is

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