The Giver Official Trailer #2 (2014) - Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges Movie HD

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The Giver Official Trailer #2 (2014) - Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges Movie HD

In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world.

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  • steve jobs

    The movie is nothing like the book, I can point out 5 major differences on the spot.

  • Chris Bryan

    I feel bad for Jonas' father. Now he'll go mad.

  • Everett Curti

    This trailer looks great! I want the movie to be on youtube. I don't believe in copyrighting movies. I also love the fact the Marrel streep is in this movie

  • kpop is porn look it up

    the book is completely different than the movie

  • Salman Alsammak

    antoine griezmann really deserves an Oscar for this. I mean who knew that he could act ? 😐

  • Kentiapalme

    Why does it look so cheap :DD

  • Katie Hall

    The book is way better

  • Mark hatter21

    my teacher is reading us this

  • Rituparna Nath

    When you make a movie out of a book, you make it exactly as it was in the book. Why put unnecessary violence and romance elements in it? Nothing like the book. This trailer is total bullshit.

  • Jessica Pereira

    If you're assigned the book, don't watch the movie it's completely different lol. The movie looks a lot more exciting though. It would have been boring if they followed the book.

  • Ellis Magnuson

    So an updated Equilibrium?

  • Rapscallion 4

    who else has to read this for school

  • FairPlayCS

    somethings are WRONG with this movie:1. Jonas and others looks like 18 years old2. Wait.... I thought Fiona's hair is red according to the book ?3. ehmm... Jonas didn't fall to the river according to the book ?????4. The baby (that Jonas's father was kill) looks old tho5. I swear when I reading the book, I thought Jonas lying on the bed and Giver put his hand on Receiver's back (Jonas)6. ok only 30% like the book

  • Rolling Stone

    Earlier today I finished the book and this is way different mainly I imagine the book more modern this is just way to sci fi

  • snoot

    I dont feel like watching this anymore(ive seen it on tv before but I didnt really care). I'm already on chap 19 . I know lots will change in the movie and it will be disappointing and it might mix up my memory also bc i they look very different from what I imagined lmao

  • Lps Jazzy

    Who else knows that he was 11 in the book

  • Nikki Nicole

    Ok I’m reading this in school and I realized that the birth mothers are only 12 when they have babies...

  • LeoBron James

    Why is everyone complaining Fiona's hot af

  • UnitedEarthEmpire

    so, christian bale's equilibrium?

  • kufujitsu

    Judging by the comments below me, the book is better than the movie, but I found the film to be a great story that completely hooked me - & that it ended too soon, leaving me eager for a sequel.

  • Connie Green

    I really think they ruined it I'm y u do that

  • JD Visuals

    My uncle is in this😂

  • The weirdø Frøm health

    I’m forced to read this book in school. Oh well. Time to watch the movie

  • I & me

    I don't usually cry , but this movie was beatiful!

  • Michelle Rekuc

    I liked the book, I liked the movie, but this trailer gives away the entire plot

  • throatgorge2

    look it's the Joker/Not the Joker!

  • Vasiliki Art

    me:*sees Brenton Thwaites*OMG I GOTTA WATCH THAT MOVIE.reads commentswtf i don't even know this book why is everyone so upset about it?mehh i'm gonna watch in anyway because BRENTON

  • Cookie crumbs XD

    Why does this remind me of the hunger games

  • Lou Moon

    The book is really good but so is the movie it’s based on the book not about the book

  • Clickbait Master

    Omg people. in the book their not 12, it's their grade

  • Bob White


  • Pointless Channel

    In the book Jonas is 12 How old is he in the movie? He sure does not look 12

  • Lps Jazzy

    And was going to turn 12

  • AtomicRevolver

    First off where the heck is Gabe?Second of all Why the hell are there space ships and all this futuristic techno crap?

  • Duckie

    It was a good movie, but nothing like the book.

  • Potato

    Amazing movie, extremely good story, and completely worth seeing.One of the best movies I ever watched

  • Fabian Carreon

    The ending wasn't good

  • Jack The Scout

    Jonas is 12 but he looks like he is 17

  • Arielle Carey

    This is not like the book

  • kooky

    Doing this in my school

  • Nyle Richards

    I like the movie version more just because I hate reading books

  • Yoran W

    Very good movie. The elephant scene, however, is so shocking and deep i got a night awake because of that. Other than that, it would be - eventually - a good way to stop all the mess we have around. However, that would take a war, for people to accept complete change.

  • carrie white

    my sons class watched this yesterday.also we rented it to watch at home.. this is a strange movie I thought.

  • Aly :D

    This is nothing like the book, at ALL

  • Blue Bird

    Jonas is supposed to be younger first of all I finished the book recently its not that's similar actually

  • Loko _1099

    I saw a play at my school it was cool

  • Aizah Zubair

    I only came cuz of Taylor swift

  • Mark Marsh

    You don't have to be George Orwell to see why this IMPORTANT MOVIE has never been heard of.

  • Madeline Rios

    Here’s the thing. The book was amazing and the movie changed a lot of major details and left out important parts but what can you expect. If producers made this move almost identical to the book it would only attract the original readers because other people wouldn’t be as interested. In order to create a bigger audience they added two characters in love and a main antagonist to dramatize the movie and make it more mainstream. I love both the book and the movie and I think the producers were smart for attracting a higher audience because no matter the differences everything was still good.

  • _MYTHIXX _

    I se that un France and on an english timedudes 😂😂😂😂

  • Kiki Brooks

    I know I'm late but I fell in love with the book in the fifth grade, the story was so captivating and i'm glad they made the movie(which i finally watched recently). As with most movies stemming from books they changed things to add to the suspense of the movie. It was basically the same story line. The only problem I had was the ending, I really cannot stand an unfinished ending, I would have liked for Jonas and Gabe to make it back home.

  • Carolyn N

    This has MERYL STREEP in it. It's not bad.

  • Isabelle Martinez

    What?!?!?! I read the book!! and Jonas is 12!!!! Lmao

  • vybl08 MSP

    Reading this rn for English class, and I thought umm... Jonas was twelve? Wasn't he????

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